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Curso Muros de Diseñador

Our signature Designer Walls classes are formatted to provided student with an intense, fast-paced learning experience. The professional artist, contractor, decorator, house painter or interior designer will create approximately 24 samples in class, using propietary products and methods of application. This exclusive class will provide skill develppment and product knowledge not available to the general public and can only be acquired through Dibaza Designs licensed training studios. Dazzling techniques combines with in-depth product knowledge and production tips make this a class that you can not miss.


Featured Techniques Featured Products
  • Negative glazing
  • Olde World Fresco
  • Metallic Fresco
  • Slate stone floor
  • LInen
  • Stone blocks
  • Tile effects
  • Tortoise shell
  • Three different crackle systems
  • Aged leather
  • Distresses, peeled paint
  • Reactive finishes
  • Clouds
  • Art transfers
  • Dimensional stenciling
  • Olde World Lime Paint and Wash
  • Fresco
  • Easy marble
  • Various plaster applications
  • Olde Worls Water-Base Sizing
  • Crackle Media
  • Aqua Wax
  • Stain & Seal
  • Dutch Metal
  • Metal Glow
  • LusterStone
  • SoftTex
  • PlasterTex
  • Palette Deco
  • O'Villa Plaster


Julio 23 al 27

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Muros de Diseñador

Curso Madera

Curso Contratos y Promoción

Street smarts will only get you so far. This one-day class is set up to provide instructional business training. Students are provided with valuable resource materials that cover the three basic methods of estimating. An experienced, successful professional will teach you how to market yourself. Professionals active in the field as well as those considering the field of decorative pinting are encouraged to enroll.

Featured Topics

  • Prepare a bid
  • Develop a pricing schedule
  • Interior designer collaborations
  • Generating appropriate samples for presentation and charging for samples
  • Time management
  • Strategic partnerships and leveraging your talents
  • Letters of agreement and preparint contracts
  • Insurance and licensing
  • Creating an effective portfolio
  • Advertising strategies
  • Selling your services by focusing on customer benefits
  • Net profit estimating
  • Financial management
  • Growth developmet strategies

Costo: $150 dlls mas iva
Se requiere 50% anticipo

Curso Extraordinary Stenciling Effects

Expand your capabilities and add another dimension to your portfolio. Stenciling provides one of the most versatile tools available to the faux finisher. Students will learn the correct combination of form, color and texture - forming a foundation that will lead to successful stenciling. In addition to stenciling, you will develop an in-depth knowlegde of products and finishing applications that are used to create the background for stencils, as well as those products and finishes that create the stencil art.

Featured Techniques Featured Products
  • Wax resist finishes
  • Damask finishes
  • Faux marquetry
  • StencilFX stenciling
  • Modeloo stenciling
  • Relief stencils
  • Brush loading and control
  • Glaze application
  • Dimensional  sahding
  • Color blending
  • Drop  sahdow
  • Tinted sepia
  • Textures
  • Layered stencils
  • Layered verdigris
  • Carved wood illusion (three-dimensional art)
  • Embedded stencils
  • Fossil atencils
  • AquaColor
  • AquaCreme
  • AquaStone
  • AquaWax
  • ColorSeal
  • Designer Metallics
  • Dutch Metal
  • LusterStone
  • PlasterTex
  • Stain & Seal
  • Verigris